A busy day


I’ve got a lot to do today, it’s mum’s birthday so I’m taking her out for lunch, I’ve got to go to the shops so I can get a saw – some of the old furniture needs breaking down into manageable pieces before they can be got rid of – and I’ve got to do some work on my novel; other things will probably crop up as well.

Since I’m busy, I’ll have to find the time to put up a review later on; for now, though, I’ve put the latest chapter, #5, of Where There’s A Will, on Wattpad.

Chapter Five

Stone took the steps two at a time as he ascended to the fifth floor of the grandly named Harper Tower, which was really nothing more than a high-rise consisting of low rent flats occupied primarily by single mums, the unemployed, and other benefit recipients. The lift, a cold, steel box that stank of urine and was decorated with badly spelled graffiti, like the stairwell, was out of order; that surprised neither Stone nor Burke, both of whom were sure the lift was out of order more often than it was working.

By the time they reached the fifth floor Stone was a little out of breath, he wasn’t as bad as he would have been a year or so ago, before he quit smoking after a successful campaign of nagging from his wife, but it was enough to remind him that he was still out of shape. In contrast, Burke breathed easily at his side and showed no sign of the exertion; Stone envied his partner his fitness and his clean-living lifestyle, but not enough to emulate it.

If you’d like to read the rest of this chapter you can find it here – https://www.wattpad.com/311164962-where-there%27s-a-will-chapter-five

I’ll be back later to get some more done. Hope you all have a good day in the mean time.

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