I learn a new word

Today, thanks to a blog I visited and enjoyed https://fullfrontispiece.wordpress.com/ I have learned a new word, Frontispiece.

A frontispiece in books generally refers to a decorative or informative illustration facing a book’s title page, being the verso opposite the recto title page. While some books depict thematic elements, other books feature the author’s portrait as the frontispiece. In medieval illuminated manuscripts, a presentation miniature showing the book or text being presented (by whom and to whom varies) was often used as a frontispiece. (source – wikipedia)



Here you can see a frontispiece from the book I found that used to belong to my great-aunt and where it fits into the book.

Though I never knew what it was called I’ve always enjoyed these images, and it’s nice to find a blog dedicated to them. If they’re something you like then go to https://fullfrontispiece.wordpress.com/ and see the collection they have, complete with some amusing captions.

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