The final countdown

As those of you who follow me, either here or on Twitter, will know, I have been taking part in Navigating IndieWorld’s Spring Book Festival, which started on Monday. Today is the final day, and that means it’s your last chance to get your hands on the wonderful collection of free and 99c books that are on offer from the dozens of authors we have participating.

It doesn’t matter what genre it is you like to read in, we have something for everyone, from childrens to horror, to historical fiction, fantasy, mystery, and young adult. Below is a small sample of the books involved in this event.

If the books themselves aren’t enough to convince you to take part in this event, and how can they not with such a varied selection to choose from, we have three opportunities to win a $20 Amazon giftcard. There are many ways to enter this competition, and one of them is to send proof that you’ve purchased or downloaded one of the books from the event – how about that, each book you get is an entry with a giftcard as a possible prize.

For further details, and the complete range of included books, just visit the link below.

Navigating IndieWorld’s Spring Book Festival

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