A great start

Thank you everyone who pre-ordered my newest book, Written In Blood, and those who got it during its limited discount run over the last couple of days, all of your purchases have managed to do something quite amazing; as of 9:30 a.m. today the book is on 2 top 100 charts and 4 hot new releases charts, I’m amazed, excited, and so incredibly grateful.

To show you how grateful I am, here’s some goodies to enjoy


And here’s the screenshots because I can’t help but brag a little

Vigilante Justice Thrillers Chart
Serial Killer Thrillers Chart
Hot New Releases Vigilante Justice
Hot New Releases Serial Killers
Hot New Releases Crime Thrillers
Hot New Releases Women Sleuths

Okay, bragging over, I’ll go back to being humble and hoping to earn enough to make living now.

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