Author Interview: Alex R Carver

I’ve been interviewed here by Becky, check out the questions I was asked and how I answered.

Author Becky Benishek

“The nervousness that had afflicted Lucy Goulding since she left her parents’ house seemed to grow with every step. She had set out with just a single butterfly fluttering about her stomach, but now she was almost at her destination her stomach roiled and churned with what seemed like thousands.” –Written in Blood by Alex R Carver

Meet Author Alex R Carver!

AlexCarver Alex R Carver

Alex R Carver has worked a number of jobs over the years, none of which provided the satisfaction he got from writing, and he has now given up the day jobs to write full-time. Primarily he writes crime fiction, reflecting his interest in the seedy underbelly of life, but science fiction and kids’ adventure have featured in his writing, with books in those genres on the long list of titles he is preparing for release.

Book 1 of the Inspector Stone Mysteries, Where…

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