A stressful day

I’m alright so far today, but yesterday was a very bad day for me, I was so stressed I came very close to a meltdown that would have resulted in the loss of my laptop through a Hulk Smash kind of moment, and it’s all thanks to Microsoft and Windows 10.

I haven’t been a fan of Windows 10 since I got a new laptop 7 or so months ago with it installed, it’s nowhere near as good as it claims to be, and is an all round pain in the ass as far as I’m concerned. I have gotten used to it, though. Yesterday morning, however, I got a pop-up stating that a major update, Windows Creator, was now available to be downloaded and installed and I should shut everything down so the operation could be run, or set a time that it would happen.

Being sensible, and not yet having started my work day, I decided to get it out of the way.

d6e2e67a67cd12c7a8c045ff1fe1995e_stressed-out-stressed-out_637-45590 long minutes later the update was finished and installed. I thought, fine, I can now get on with the writing I had planned for the day – how wrong I was.

I don’t know what this update did because I never got the chance to full explore it, nor was I really interested in doing so, I just wanted to continue as I had before with my writing, internet surfing, video watch, and game playing. That was not to be, though, for I discovered straight away that something had been screwed up with the way my track-pad works with the result that it wouldn’t do anything I wanted, and was acting like it was being double-clicked, no matter what I did.

After hours of trying to fix it, going through every hint and tip I could find on the ‘net, when my track-pad wasn’t randomly closing tabs or opening extra ones, or doing other strange things, I was forced to give up. Absolutely nothing made a difference to the problems I was having.

The only thing I could do was roll back the update and reset my laptop to how it was before the Creator update, and the moment I did that my track-pad began working as it’s supposed to again.

A whole day wasted because of a stupid bloody update I neither wanted nor needed.

If I could afford to, I would buy myself a Macbook so I don’t have to deal with Microsoft anymore. The main thing that stops me is the games I play, you can’t get them on iOS and that distresses me.

If anyone can tell you the following games are available on iOS I’m getting a Mac right now

Call of Duty 4 onwards

Age of Empires 2

Defense Grid The Awakening

Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing


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