Playing with graphics

Today I did something I don’t do normally, I spent some time playing with graphics. There’s a reason I don’t do this, I’m not very visually creative – I can handle the technical side of the job, but I can’t visualise what I want to create and I struggle a great deal with finding the right images to play with.

I am in constant awe of people who can do this, and people who do it for a living. I have to pay people to make book covers for me because I know the value of a professional looking cover and don’t want to do my books down with the mediocre effort I can come up with. Unfortunately I had to put aside my dislike for graphics work today because I am being featured in a new magazine that is being started up (details coming soon) and my payment is ad space for my books, and I was asked for the ads.

After my initial panic subsided I got to work, promptly got stressed out and had to take a breather. Fortunately I am not one to give up, so after a brief break I returned to the job, and this is what I came up with

Find out about Alex R Carver (2)

Available at the following stores.png

A kidnapped teen, held who knows where3.5 million Euros are demanded in ransom, but is that all the kidnappers want-Inspector Stone is tasked with finding the girl and bringing her home safely. Hard enough under nor (1).png

From the author of the Inspector Stone Mysteries.png

Now I’m not going to claim that any of these are works of genius that will result in me getting thousands of sales every time I use them (oh I wish that would happen) but I am pleased with the way they turned out because of how much I dislike the process.

I also had a quick look at creating a cover for my next book, because being able to do so would save me a lot of money, but had to give up very quickly because my blood pressure and stress levels climbed very quickly to dangerous levels.

If anyone out there can produce a cover on a par with the two I already have for under £150, I’m looking for a designer for the Inspector Stone Mysteries #2.

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