Hesitant Love – A new release

Today I am delighted to be able to introduce you all to the latest book from my friend and fellow indie author, Aislinn Kearns, who has taken a break from romantic suspense to give contemporary romance a go with Hesitant Love.

Hesitant Love

Aislinn Kearns

Hesitant Love.pngA romantic comedy novella

Colin Partridge can hold down a conversation with his nine-year-old students, no problem. Beautiful women, on the other hand? Not so much. So when he bumps into Britt Endicott, the single mother of one of his students, he barely manages to get through the conversation with his dignity intact.

Britt Endicott hasn’t dated since her ex-husband left her and her daughter Abigail seven years ago. She doesn’t trust men, and with good reason. And even if she did–which she definitely doesn’t–dating her daughter’s teacher is totally against the rules.

Can they get around school rules, meddling children, and most of all themselves, to find their happy ending?
Read on for an excerpt:-

Colin Partridge was lost in thought about all the marking he would have to do that night—why nine-year-olds needed two hours of homework per night he still couldn’t fathom after six years on the job—when he nearly collided with a familiar figure. He froze, then adjusted his glasses. Long blonde hair, sober green eyes, and a sardonic tilt to her lips. It took his brain a minute to catch up to his eyes, in which time he couldn’t seem to stop staring at the woman in front of him. After a few awkward moments, he finally recognised her.

“Oh, Britt. Ms. Endicott. I didn’t expect…didn’t see you there.” Flustered, Colin nearly dropped the pile of papers he was holding. He straighten the papers unnecessarily to avoid looking at her, heat rising in his cheeks. Ms. Endicott was the mother of one of his students, Abigail Endicott, a precocious hellraiser with pigtails and an angel’s smile. Colin didn’t play favourites with his students, but Abigail was definitely in the top five. Not that he was counting.

Britt—Ms. Endicott, he reminded himself—gave a little laugh. “It’s alright. I shouldn’t have been standing in the middle of the corridor, anyway.” At the self-depreciation in her voice, Colin’s eyes flickered up to her face and then back down to his hands. She was giving him that familiar half-smile of hers, where just the corners tilted up. He smiled in response, though she probably couldn’t actually see it, with his chin tucked in as it was.

“Your hair is different. Better. Good.” Colin immediately winced at his own stupidity, internally cursing himself. His face flamed higher and he looked intensely at the floor, willing his mouth to stop talking with every fibre of his being. What was it about this woman that caused his brain to short-circuit?

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