A gold star for Written In Blood

I got one of the best surprises I could hope for today; I got an email from the cover designer I use to say that the cover for Written In Blood, my second released novel, has won a gold star in the ebook cover design awards for April 2017 from  www.thebookdesigner.com

I wasn’t even aware that my book cover, which was designed by Kitten from www.derangeddoctordesigns.com had been submitted at all yet it weon the gold star for the mystery/thriller genre. I’ve always been happy with the work done by DDD, they do fabulous work at a price I can afford, and I look forward to working with them again, but knowing they’ve won gold stars for their work (Milo from DDD won for the fantasy genre) makes me determined to keep on working with them.

Below you can see the award winning design, with it’s swanky badge to prove it

AWARD -  Alex Carver, Blood.jpg


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