The SIA Beach Reads selection

Are you planning a holiday? Looking for a good book to enjoy on the flight, the beach, and perhaps poolside? Well look no further, the SIA has you covered because July 1st is our Beach Reads Title Wave Event.

For 1 day only we are providing all passionate readers with a chance to get their hands on literally dozens of books for bargain prices. Many are free, and those that aren’t can be bought for the princely sum of just 99cents each.

It doesn’t even matter what you like to read, we have you covered; our members write everything from Romance to Mystery, from Sci-fi to Fantasy, Historical to Erotica. In fact, if you like to read it, chances are, we have it.

If you want to see the full selection of titles available, and perhaps pick up enough books to keep you going not just for the summer holidays, but until next year’s summer holidays, here’s the link

SIA Beach Reads Title Wave


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