A Perfect Pose: Inspector Stone Mysteries #3

Now available

A Perfect Pose

Inspector Stone Mysteries #3

2017-611 Alex R Carver B03.jpg

What connects the murder of a teen model and an assault on her photographer stepbrother?

Three months ago, Nathan Stone lost his family in a deadly blaze.

On enforced leave from the department, he sinks into a deep pit of despair, but the discovery of a teenage girl’s body on the riverbank forces draws him back to work and into a complicated case.

Ellen Powers was a popular teen internet model with many adoring fans, so who would want to kill her? The investigation soon turns up many secrets, including the fact that Ellen was pregnant, and planning an abortion.

Was the studio she worked for covering up a dark secret of exploitation? Or was this a crime of passion?

When the Ellen’s stepbrother is attacked soon after her body is discovered, Nathan is sure there’s a connection. The guy’s not talking, though; what is he so determined to keep secret, even if it puts his life at risk.

As the case deepens and they discover more about the murdered teen Nathan Stone must overcome his demons to find justice for an innocent young woman?

Officially released on 1st October 2017, A Perfect Pose is available for pre-order from all major ebook retailers at the following links

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