Amy J Hamilton introduces Radish Fiction

Amy J Hamilton introduces Radish Fiction.

Radish what now? I’d never heard of it before either. What, you have? Well, go and read my books then.

For the rest of you, here’s the background.

Radish Fiction is a free app containing serialised fiction in bite-sized chunks or episodes. (Like radishes, get it? Bite-sized.) It’s aimed at those who like to read a bit at a time. Which, to be fair is me. We’re all busy, but we can generally manage ten minutes of reading here and there.

The first three episodes of any book will always be free.

There are three ways books are priced:

Some books are totally free.

In others, episode 4 onwards will become free at a rate set by the author, say a new episode every week. But, the reader can unlock an episode early by paying 3 Radish coins per episode (around 30-42p per episode). Those who don’t want to pay, just need to wait until the next episode is released for free.

The third option allows authors to be paid for their work. All episodes after the three free ones cost 3 coins.

Authors are invited to write for Radish, unlike other platforms where there is nothing to stop anyone from publishing a book. So, we have been vetted and deemed fit for publication. (What? How? No, seriously, I have!)

My latest book is available exclusively on the Radish Fiction app.

Missing Remnants latest.jpgMissing Remnants is a Sci-Fi murder mystery following a detective called Track. He has been forced to take three months off, just as a woman dies at his front door after asking for his help. Suspecting an outbreak, the Authority submits Track to a gruelling decontamination process, while someone ransacks his apartment and dismantles his pet robot dog, Banyon. With little help available to him, Track undertakes the investigation the Authority closes within hours. He’s being followed. He has no backup. His trusted colleagues are avoiding him. Someone is pretending to be his dead husband. Will Track survive to solve the mystery of the Missing Remnants?

So, download the app and read some bite-sized serialised fiction. Preferably mine…

As well as the nearest coffee shop, Amy J Hamilton can be reached here:









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