Origin by J A Konrath


J A Konrath


Origin JA Konrath.jpg1906 – Something is discovered by workers digging the Panama Canal. Something dormant. Sinister. Very much alive.

2009 – Project Samhain. A secret underground government installation begun 103 years ago in New Mexico. The best minds in the world have been recruited to study the most amazing discovery in the history of mankind. But the century of peaceful research is about to end.


When linguist Andrew Dennison is yanked from his bed by the Secret Service and taken to a top secret facility in the desert , he has no idea he’s been brought there to translate the words of an ancient demon.

He joins pretty but cold veterinarian Sun Jones, eccentric molecular biologist Dr. Frank Belgium, and a hodge-podge of religious, military, and science personnel to try and figure out if the creature is, indeed, Satan.

But things quickly go bad, and very soon Andy isn’t just fighting for his life, but the lives of everyone on earth…

I’ve had this book on my kindle TBR list for quite a while now (along with hundreds of others) and finally got round to reading it the other day. I now wish I had read it sooner because I thought it was great; I managed to read it in about 3 days, and would have finished it sooner if I didn’t have other things getting in the way.

The concept of the story had me interested from the start – I’m not religious, but the notion of God and Satan do intrigue me – and I was equally interested by the various characters at this small, secret base.

Not all the characters were likable, but they had stories that made me want to know more about them, and Konrath revealed just enough of their histories, at a good pace, to main interest.

The book moves along at a quick pace, and builds to a conclusion that I didn’t see coming.

This was my first book by Konrath, but based on this, it won’t be my last, I shall look forward to reading more.

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