Angel – not just a name.

There are lots of good people in the writer’s group, Navigating Indieworld I am part of, but one of the best is Angel M B Chadwick, who always goes above and beyond to help others.

Angel.jpgDespite the time-consuming jobs of being a separated parent of a non-verbal autistic boy, an inventor, author and playwright, Angel still manages to help out anyone and everyone she can, whether it be by reviewing their books on her blog or hosting interviews, or indeed anything else that might help them.

Her novel Weeping Well intriguingly has only a 1-line blurb ‘Fear is like a looking glass….’ which is sure to get people wondering what it is all about. Could this be one of the best marketing tactics around? I’ll leave you to decide that.

And if you like poetry Angel also has Corridors Of My Mind available, a highly-rated memoir in poetry form.

If you should encounter Angel I’m sure you’ll agree with me that she is one of the nicest people you could meet.

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