If you could turn back time and change your life, would you?

Would you change your life?

This is something I’ve thought about from time to time and, temporarily at least, I feel as though I’ve come up with my own personal answer.


We all have thinks we regret, thing we have either said or done, or things we have not said or done, but would we really go back and change those things if God, the Devil, a genie in a lamp came along and offered you the opportunity or you discovered a working time machine.

After some extended thought, most recently today while trying to have an afternoon nap (my sleep, regardless of the time of day, is always disturbed by weird and random thoughts) I have decided that no, I would not change my past based on what I currently know and where I currently am.

I may not like some of the decisions I have made, the people I have associated, or the things I have done, but everything I have done and not done has led me to where I am today. And where I am today is not far off where I have always wanted to be, or at least it is on the road to where I have always wanted to be.

I was ten when I was given my first school creative writing assignment, and that led me to decide I wanted to make a living from my writing. My personality keeps me from going the trad route (I don’t want to give up too much control over my books) but KDP and the other self-publishing platforms have made it possible for me to get my books out there, with the result that I currently have 6 books published and have sold over 7,000 copies in under 18 months.

I realise there are plenty of authors out there who have sold more books, but 7,000 is more than I expected to sell by this stage, and it is more than he average for an independently published author. Not only that but it makes it clear that I am on the road to making a living.


If God, the Devil or a Genie in a bottle came along and offered me a chance to go back and redo some of my choices I’d turn them down. I’d much rather be where I am, with my baggage, on the road to success as a published author.

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