Hockey Wars, a new release by Ben Jackson

Today on the blog I am pleased to host Ben Jackson, who has a new release

Hockey Wars


Hi all! I’m Ben Jackson and I’m writing a guest blog for my fellow Indie Author Alex R Carver! Thanks to Alex for allowing me to shamelessly plug my first children’s chapter book, Hockey Wars.

To thank all you guys and girls for taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to read this, I’m going to give you the opportunity to read Hockey Wars for free! I’ll put the details at the end of the article.

Hockey Wars

When hockey and friendship collide!

Hockey Wars follows Cameron and Millie, two best friends that drifted apart when their hockey team was split up into boys and girls. They grew up hanging out at school, studying, and playing hockey together, but that all changed when Millie decided to start her own all girl’s hockey team.

The split tore all the girls and boys apart, with friendships being pushed to their limits as the players tried to stay out of the feud developing between Millie and Cameron.

There were some challenges writing a children’s chapter book for the first time, as with any book. It’s important to remember that you’re writing to a younger audience and need to choose words and phrases which are easy to read yet keep the book fun and interesting. You need to try and write a book that will appeal to the parents who are paying for the book and the children that are going to be reading it.

I have written a lot of children’s picture books which have their own set of problems. You would think writing books for kids would be easy, it’s not. It may not take as long as writing a fiction book or be as involved, but it can be a right pain. You need to balance words with a story, how many words can you fit on an image or illustration and getting a story from start to finish without it turning into a novel.

Next time that you read a children’s picture book or chapter book, try looking at how the author used the space and language to get the story across. You may be surprised!

Now, the fun part! If you’d like to read a copy of Hockey Wars, email me at and mention this blog and I’ll send you one! Thanks again.

Ben Jackson

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