An Agatha Christie style murder mystery

Available for pre-order

A Stone’s Throw

Inspector Stone Mysteries #5

2018-0934 Alex R Carver b05.jpgA dead body really ruins your holiday.

During a much-needed break in Devon, Inspector Nathan Stone finds himself at the centre of a murder investigation when the wife of the owner of the hotel is found killed.

The last person to see her alive, he must contend with the suspicions of the local police.

The arrival of a storm that isolates the small village of Donningford from the outside world changes everything, however, and Nathan must take charge of the investigation.

A second murder drives home a frightening fact: Nathan, the other guests, and the hotel staff are sharing a roof with a hate-filled killer who will stop at nothing to exact revenge…and to prevent the police from discovering the truth.

Tense, well-written with shades of Agatha Christie, Carver shows a more human side to Stone as we get to know the Inspector better – Carole P Roman on Goodreads

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