Filled with suspenseful twists and turns from beginning to end – Crashing Into Me

Crashing Into Me

One Wicked Storm. Forced Proximity. Endless Temptation.

“Absolutely loved the twists, turns, and suspense from beginning to end…well written with amazing characters…”★★★★★

Crashing Into Me.jpgGetting dumped at the altar nearly broke Lana McKenzie beyond repair.

A year later, she was working to rebuild her life. Until a face from her past forces her to seek an escape.

Tucked away in a beautiful, secluded mountain estate, Lana finally finds her solace. That is until she comes face to face with her new roommate.

Kayden Capshaw is a sexy out of control party boy whose grief has pushed him to a much-needed getaway in the house on the mountain. But Lana was the last person he expected to find there.

She’s feisty, stubborn, and undeniably gorgeous.

He’s arrogant, flashy, and hotter than the sun.

She’ll do anything to stay away. He’ll do anything to get close.

Forced to ride out a winter storm together, a second-chance romance blossoms, but unwelcome guests threaten to interrupt the delicate fabric of their new relationship. Will their fiery passion continue to burn bright or will outside forces put out the flames for good?


“Talk about a whirlwind of a read.  There is loads to keep you invested and also the chance to watch the characters grow stronger. This is the authors debut series and she has in my opinion done it well. She didn’t allow the story to become stagnant and provided enough information where it wasn’t overly done but balanced well. An exciting read that will leave you wanting more from her in the future.” Teri, -SJ’s Book Blog

“Florida author R.L Jackson’s series THE CRASHING SERIES of which CRASHING INTO ME is Book One shows promise of a very well skilled romance writer – a ringmaster of a dark circus of players whose identities may be a bit difficult to isolate at times but whose interaction produces a fast-paced ride guaranteed to keep your attention and your adrenaline high.” Grady Harp, San Francisco Review of Books

“At the end of the day, when the kids are all tucked in bed I love to sneak away and have a few quiet minutes to myself. Most recently I could be found reading “Crashing Into Me” by R. L. Jackson.The author has created a contemporary romance with interesting characters that are defined by their unique life experiences. I love that neither character is perfect. They are flawed just like the rest of us. They both carry emotional baggage that developed from painful experiences in their pasts. The story shows us how your personal experiences make you into the person you are today. We see how these feelings shape whom you become and the decisions and actions you make through the lives of each character.”

“Ms. Jackson will transport you to a small town, nestled in the mountains through her very descriptive storytelling. She will make you feel a full range of emotions from contempt to empathy. She shares the characters memories and experiences to the point where you feel like you are really there, sharing in the moment.” Elizabeth, PennyMinding Mom

About the Author: R.L. Jackson

R.L Jackson is an independent filmmaker, magazine editor and screenwriter who writes romance and romantic suspense with an aim for readers to, “Get Lost In Intense Passion and Diverse Worlds.” She lives in south Florida enjoys binge-watching Netflix, uses her treadmill as an over-sized coat hanger, but loves to dance to the Fitness Marshall videos on Youtube.

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