Indie Advent Calendar Day 4

Chele Pedersen Smith – Behind Frenemy Lines



Chele {short for Michele} is a multi-genre author who is a sucker for romantic comedies. In love with love and because life’s a sitcom, the antics of crushes gone wrong (and right) are her favorite to craft. After all, who hasn’t had at least one infatuated faux pas? Besides weathering romance’s ups and downs, she likes to throw in a wonderfully impossible scenario for a good laugh ( and wishful thinking) and maybe an emotional moment to tug on the heart.
Enjoying the wild ride of writing off the cuff, she’s never sure where the adventure will take her.
Writing since the bicentennial of sixth grade and after several healthcare careers, she bailed the first week of a dental hygiene program to let writing win and now is almost finished with a professional writing degree.


Her first published novel, Behind Frenemy Lines, is a playful romantic-comedy flirting with the intrigue of spies, the angst of mistrust, and the restless hunger of rendezvous and new love.


Perfect when you’re naughty AND nice…



Twists and turns but who to trust?

She’s a complicated agent harboring secrets; he’s a surveillance specialist suppressing skeletons of his own. Thrown together to solve a string of threats, it’s not long before they’re smitten. But then a quandary presents itself: should they kiss or wring each other’s neck?

With not much time to figure it out, the case careens a crazy corner, tilling up territory neither one could have ever imagined. As Lee and Galaxy peruse clues and calamities amid suspicion and a percolating chemistry they can’t deny, confessions come out to play. Do they really have each other’s back or is one of them about to stab it with a dagger?

Winner for Best Espionage/Spies category in The Wild Dreams Publishing’s Indie Awards in 2018.



Her second book, The Pearly Gates Phone Company, is a creative nonfiction collection of anecdotal blessings.

Chele’s brand new work includes The Epochracy Files, a speculative fiction short story collection stretching the realms of time, place and anywhere in between.

Like Santa’s elves, the muses are busy.  A sequel to Behind Frenemy Lines and several romantic-comedy novellas are in progress.

The books are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online.

Find Chele’s Amazon books here

Chele’s Barnes & Noble page

Judy Martialay – Bonjour! Let’s Learn French


Bonjour! Let’s Learn French gives children 6-10 – and their parents, an easy and fun introduction to French. Be sure to download the audio version which is free and downloadable at the website along with lots of resources for parents and kids.

Children take a pretend trip to France on Pete the Pilot’s magic airplane. On board they learn their first French words and phrases. In France, they meet Louis l’escargot, France’s #1 snail, follow his adventure, and learn French effortlessly.

Back home, they have lots of activities to practice and expand the French they learned, including a treasure hunt, daily expressions, and a skit. Other parts of the book include: Culture Corner, with a cute song; a section where children learn about impressionist art and how to add an impressionist touch to their drawings or paintings; vocabulary list.

Resources on the website include a video on making an impressionist painting; recipes, downloadable activity sheets and a game.


Buy from




“Children absorb languages like sponges.” Elementary school teacher

NABE Book Achievement Award Winner Winter 2018 Children’s Bilingual

Honorable Mention Cultural Diversity Purple Dragonfly Award 2018


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Gillion Machota @LilSquonker

Gillion is a 20-year-old university girl living in America studying history and music with a minor in museum studies at Aurora University in Aurora, IL, USA. She started her YouTube channel as a cello cover channel and then changed it to talk about books a year later. She started blogging a year ago featuring book reviews for every book she has read as of 2017. Gillion has worked with publishing companies and independent authors. You can find Gillion’s articles on The Nerd Daily as well! When Gillion is not reading, you can find her sleeping, eating snacks, watching Netflix or practicing her music in the practice rooms until the staff kicks her out.


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