Indie Advent Calendar Day 9

It’s day 9 of Kay Macleod’s Indie Advent Calendar, which is in its third year, and there are even more great books on offer, including Kay’s own book.

If you haven’t seen any of my previous posts you can all event posts on Kay’s site

Kay MacLeod – Heirs of Power


Hi guys! I’m so excited you’re here for Indie Advent Calendar 2018!

I’m the host of this event so please take a look around the rest of the site if you want to know more about me. I’ll be talking about the first book in The Constellation Saga today, Heirs of Power, but it’s also the release day for the second book, The Mage-Lord’s Legacy!

To celebrate, I’ll be giving away Heirs of Power for free on Kindle until Thursday so make sure you grab your copy by then.

Oh yeah, and I’m also teaming up with CatsAndCamera to do a paperback giveaway of both books so click this to find out how to enter!


After stumbling upon an otherworldly ritual, Kitty Fairlow discovers that her own incredible hunting skills are not merely due to a lifetime of training. She’s been gifted powers from an ancient spirit, passed down by her father. She is a Constellation.

And she’s not the only one.

A new generation of heroes have each inherited unique abilities to prevent the corruption of their world by the Tenebri, a race that thrives on life energy. Kitty, along with a high-born dancer and a snarky juggler, must find their allies before the Tenebri army picks them off.

With the powerful enemy emerging, can the Constellations gather in time to put an end to the threat for good, or will their foe succeed and wreak the same destruction they have unleashed on their own world?




Confession time, I’m a fantasy addict! For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the concept of magical worlds. I was the kid with dragons doodled around the edge of her school work, the one with her head constantly buried in a book. As a teen, I shunned partying to play Magic the Gathering and DM Dungeons and Dragons games.

Through the years, I’ve always made up stories and took characters on amazing adventures, in the privacy of my own mind. Now I want to share them with other people.

I live with my husband and cat in Nottinghamshire in England. When I’m not writing (or planning something I’m writing) I’m usually working, reading, playing bass for my church’s worship team, playing computer games (World of Warcraft, Dragon Age, Pokemon, Minecraft) or drinking tea.

Mmm, time to put the kettle on…

If you want to get to know me better then you can read some of my interviews! Or just come ask me questions in the Facebook group.


“Kay MacLeod has developed a complex world of social hierarchy, inventive lands, and a threat to the existence of this world. However, it’s her main characters that will grab onto you and keep you reading to find out what they can do and how they will defeat evil. MacLeod’s use of special powers is ingenious and her character’s interactions provide humor and realism to the story.”

“The Juggler is an anti-social snarkmaster called Asher, and he is -without a shadow of a doubt -one of the most amazing fictional characters I’ve ever fallen for. Asher is just so wonderfully sharp-witted and damaged and adorable.”

“It’s a wild adventure crammed with twists and turns. But above all else, this is a character-driven story with real depth and emotion and humour.”

You can read up to chapter five for free right here.

Dale E. & Kathleen Lehman

Ice on the Bay


The forecast: Record cold. The crimes: Colder still.

Detective Lieutenant Rick Peller and his colleagues have their hands full. A veterinary technician has vanished in the middle of the night, a wealthy family’s home has burned to the ground, and a petty criminal who victimized even his closest friends has been gunned down. Might some unseen thread connect them all? While temperatures plummet, cold cases collide with new crimes, and somewhere a killer with blood as icy as the waters of the bay watches and waits.

“…a cracking crime suspense novel with enough twists and turns to make a belly dancer faint.” — Dianne James

“I LOVED this book! The writing is top-notch, and the story is very atmospheric, flowing and easy to read. ” — Laurie Jenkins



Hey guys it’s Caz here aka Catsandcamera. I’m a booktuber, bookstagrammer and all round lover of reading. Catch me on Goodreads and Youtube bigging up indie authors, small publishers and obscure books.





Indie Advent Calendar announcement video

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