Indie Advent Calendar Day 13

Erica Graham – Catch That Chinchilla



Over the last few years, my children have received lots of gifts. Obnoxiously loud gifts, gifts with lights that have on multiple occasions made my heart leap with fear that an officer was behind me as my children played in the backseat, heavy toe-breaking toys, and toys that are exciting for a few days, then sit in a corner taking up space. One of the best gifts my children have received is books. What an incredible gift to exercise a child’s mind and provide a parent with some wonderful opportunities to bond and teach.

In addition to being a mother of two very active little ones, I am a speech-language pathologist and the author of the award-winning Talking Tales series. The Talking Tales books are not only fun stories, but they serve a unique purpose. This exciting series is designed to help with speech development.

Each book in the Talking Tales series is focused on a different core sound in its naturally occurring word positions, thus increasing a child’s awareness and helping him or her learn how to properly produce the targeted sound.

Parents and caregivers are the most important people in a child’s life. For this reason, speech tips are included in the front of each book so that this series can be used in a home setting. Being a fan of working while having fun, each story takes place in the context of a fun children’s tale, making the Talking Tales books appropriate for all children, regardless of speech skills.

The most recent and popular book in the series to date is the award-winning book Catch that Chinchilla which follows Fletch and Rachael during their chase through town to catch their mess-making pet Chinchilla before their dad returns home. This engaging story is a fun way to read to little ones while promoting the “ch” sound and language skills. Not working on speech? Catch that Chinchilla is an entertaining read for all children making it the perfect gift for all little chinchilla chasers.

“The atmosphere of this story is one of fun, and I found myself quite unexpectedly smiling throughout the entire story!”-Readers Favorite









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Jan L. Mayes – Doctor Bell Anthology



Jan L. Mayes lives with ringing in the ears and has seen a lot of real-life tinnitus cure scams. She’s a non-fiction Eric Hoffer award-winning Canadian author, audiologist, and blogger with an unhealthy interest in writing creepy, macabre horror fiction. Her latest release is non-fiction Tinnitus Toolbox-Hyperacusis Handbook. Jan also published Regretfully Invited, a horror fiction anthology. She is working on more horror stories and a paranormal romance trilogy.

About the Book

Doctor Bell says he’s the Best Tinnitus Cure Researcher in the world. After all, he has the trophy to prove it displayed in his office. Unfortunately, his human subjects don’t know Bell faked his diplomas, work history, and references. This optimistic conniving psychopath knows just enough about medical research to be horrifyingly dangerous to people desperate to cure the ringing in their ears. Get ready to meet the Doctor you’ll love to hate in this bundle of 14 darkly humorous experiment adventures with Bell and his sidekick Baldy.

Mature horror fiction content not appropriate for young or sensitive readers.

Available from Amazon Worldwide Including:

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“Jan L. Mayes” <>


Descendant of Poseidon Reads


About Me

I’m Joel behind the creation of Descendant of Poseidon Reads that started with my obvious likeliness with Percy Jackson series and fondness through mythology, even I like our own myths. Obviously, I got my spare time spent through reading which varies from Middle-grade books to YA books in genres of (mostly) Sci-Fi, and Fantasy though I choose other kinds of fiction that tingle or attract my attention. Also, I’m a demigod that wanders on this planet, secretly.
Aside from reading, I also binge watch tv shows especially Supernatural and recently, Big Bang Theory. K-Drama is also in my watch list too.

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