Indie Advent Calendar Day 17

Connie Howell – Lifting the Veil


About the Book

Lifting the Veil, Raising Consciousness poses questions that you may not ever have considered asking yourself, such as ‘Who am I’? and ‘Why am I here’? For some, these questions never get asked and so life is perceived from the physical and material aspects only.

Do you believe that your mind is in your head and its output is generated from your brain? Or do you have the wider perspective that ‘mind’ is a non-local consciousness that interacts with other minds on an invisible and energetic level?

This book endeavours to open you up to the possibility that we are all connected through an invisible field and that we are individual sparks of one consciousness known by many names but ultimately recognised as a higher or supreme power.

Most of us go through life disconnected from this source because we lack the understanding or belief that we are all children of the one source and worthy to be so. The premise of this book is that none of us are sinners but rather we are here to experience life in all its facets and for the one source to know itself through us.

Each chapter offers a higher perspective than our ordinary mind can, for the everyday mind is filled with constant chatter from the ego which is not our true self. However we believe wholeheartedly that it is telling us the truth and that it reflects who we are.

If this book can stimulate you to ask the right questions and open your mind to greater possibilities then it has served its purpose and fulfilled its mission.

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About the author

I live in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney with my husband Walter who is the love of my life. I didn’t seriously start writing until my mid-forties and after many attempts to get published I finally opted for assisted self-publishing and published my first book at the age of 65 years old. Since then I have written and self-published three more books with a new one in the works. I have learnt a lot since publishing my first book and though I have expanded my computer and technology skills I still prefer to get expert help in the actual publishing of my work and have a great local service that I have used for the last two books. I write about what I know, my life and the unfolding of spiritual awareness of other dimensions and life after death. I have learned that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I write simply and let readers of my work decide for themselves whether or not my work is of benefit to them or not. I don’t try to convince or convert in any way as my experiences are personal to me and I respect the fact that we all have different paths to follow.

I also write about my life experiences of growing up in England and the many challenges that my family situation offered me then and for many years to come. I left England at the age of 24 yrs and have lived in Australia ever since. I have studied a lot, been in private practice where I offered alternative therapies as well as massage therapies. Finally after dabbling with poetry and writing I made it my prime objective to put myself out there. It has been an interesting adventure so far, sometimes incredibly frustrating other times exceedingly joyful. My confidence has and still is growing and now I am actually on social media which is something I never envisaged doing. I find it hard to talk promote my work but have made progress through opportunities such as this for which I am deeply grateful.

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Merry Christmas to all, I wish you great joy

Maria Teresa Schob – Master of My Time




María Teresa worked for many years as an Airline Marketing consultant. She is a language teacher, facilitator of workshops on Philosophical Painting as a path to self-knowledge, and a facilitator of personal development and motivation workshops in both the private and the public sector.

She is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, the training for which led her to understand and experience selfless listening, which forms the basis of her work as a Mindfulness consultant.

From a young age, María Teresa was interested in and studied topics relating to personal development and motivation.  In recent years, she has been dedicated to the study and application of habits in order to be able to live with more awareness and learn to manage her time as effectively as possible while fully enjoying her life.

Book Blurb

Why is it that some people appear to have more time to enjoy their daily life when I am so overwhelmed? This question will certainly have crossed your mind at some point in time, and the answer is quite simple: you can’t increase the number of hours in a day, but you can learn to better manage your life, your habits and your activities. In short, you can choose what you spend your time doing and how you do it.


Short and to the point with actual steps to take to organize your life this book actually works if you follow it! Time tested proven ideas in a book that will not take very long to read. A great graduation gift for high school or college or even someone beginning their career. I have read many books on time management and this is definitely the most effective. This book was provided to me free of charge for an honest review. – JuliaPicks!

This is a wonderful introduction for getting your life/home into order and maintaining it. I think this would be especially good for those in their first home. – Jennie Reads


As we said in “Master of my time”, our practical guide to a simpler life, TIME is one of the most valuable resources we have and together with another very important resource MONEY, both we tend to waste.

These resources may seem to be so abstract, and yet, they influence our daily existence.

If you want to optimally manage your time to do the things that give you the greatest pleasure and happiness, we invite you to apply the Japanese method of the “5 S” to your home life, which acts as the main basis where everything starts and read our practical guide “Master of my time”.

This method can also be applied to many other areas of our lives such as our finances.  Our finances need to be nurtured in an organized way, they build our relationship to MONEY, and like time, we want to have money to do the things we dream of when we have the time.

Have you ever run out of money before the end of the month and still needed to purchase the basic products and maybe even have a few bills on the table needing to be paid?

The aim of this all is to organize our finances in such a way that we can cover our expenses AND save money to spoil ourselves.

To start, it is important to know how much money we have, where we spend it and where can it be saved?  Giving it the importance it deserves to achieve financial freedom, is our main goal.

Let’s follow the method and see how can we apply this easily to how we deal with MONEY. Before we start doing this step by step, however, we need to “see” how much money we have and how much we spend.

To begin you will need to invest a certain amount of time to do this work, but you will only need to do this once.  This “Preparation Step” is the most important thing to do if you want to attain our goal.

Using the chart below make a list of all the income sources you have, try to remember all types of income you have, even the smallest one.  Then allow yourself to mention all individual expenses you have, small and big (everybody has different types of expenses). My suggestion would be to start by determining the following:

What type of expenses do I have?

. Fix costs (this are monthly or yearly payments, usually for the same amount. For example rent, mortgage, retirement pension contributions, children’s school fees, etc.)

. Variable living costs (these are changeable costs and some of these you can decide on i.e. taxes, groceries, medical costs, TV, subscription satellite channels, internet, music streaming sites such as Spotify or similar, going out, subscriptions for magazines, newspapers, clothing, sports or gym, hobbies like: painting, playing an instrument, pottery, beauty and body care, car or transportation etc.)

. Sporadic costs (these are more comfort and pleasure costs, i.e. going out: drinks & food, theatre or concerts, babysitting, gifts for friends, traveling, dentist fees, bigger investment projects, etc.)

  Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Total 3 months
IncomeAll income from the different sources
Fix costs:Rent, mortgage,

Utilities, school fees, etc.

Variable costs:Taxes,


medical costs

TV/subscriptions (internet,music, gym, etc.) beauty & body care, transportation, etc.

Sporadic costs:Going out to drinks & food,

theatre, concerts,

babysitting, gifts,

traveling, bigger investments, various unknown, etc.


Now that you have the list of all your income and expenses let’s play a little bit. Take your time to find out and write down the amounts you have received and spend over the last three months, it does not have to be exact, but try to be as honest and accurate as possible.

But how do I always know these amounts? Sometimes you have used your credit cards for purchases: groceries, taxis, cinema, bookstore, restaurant, takeaways, etc. So, check on the statements of your bank accounts and credit cards from the last three months and list/add the expenses of the same category. Of course, there may be times when you spent cash and have no idea how much you spent on what! You will, however, be able to see “cash withdrawals” from the ATM. In this case, try not to get confused or frustrated, it does not matter. Just estimate more or less what you remember you might have spent the cash on. The forgotten cash payments can be put in the category “various, unknown.”

Now, that you have completed the “Preparation Step” you have a more accurate knowledge of how much money you have and where your money was spent.

You will now be able to complete the method by following the Practical Implementation of the 5 steps consisting of the selection, sorting, organizing, maintaining, simplifying and creating a habit.  The question is: How do I do this?

I will be sending a step by step blog each Tuesday in January that will lead you through this process.  Please be sure to follow my website/blog at so that it can be delivered to your email address each week. In the meantime, keep your chart handy and adjust as you think of items that should be added.

Thank you, and I look forward to helping you with this process.

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I have always enjoyed reading so I thought that I would share this love of reading with my desire to begin a blog. I’m a wife of 27 years with two grown children. I read a number of different genres. My blog’s aim is to give my honest reviews of the books that I read. These reviews are my opinion and as such this doesn’t mean that others won’t enjoy the same books and that’s as it should be. I feel very honoured to be asked to review peoples’ books.

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