Indie Advent Calendar Day 18

Jesse Beard – Fairies of the Mississippi Deltaland



Jesse was born in the Central Valley of California.  At a young age, he learned of survival in the west and developed his imagination.  He would follow trails of wildlife and spend his time imagining the old west.  Getting an education was not at the top of Jesse’s thinking and he paid the price for it many times in the future.  Through the years of dreaming of a different life, Jesse was able to break that path and move on to figuring out that he had a natural gift for art and taught himself sculpting.  Sculpting spurred his imagination, which led to writing down those stories which he had been keeping in the back of his mind.  The future is just now starting anew for Jesse.


Book Blurb

It’s a story as old as time. Bill and Sandy are young and setting off to start a new life for their soon to be born child. But when their car breaks down in the Mississippi Deltaland and they discover a tiny village, a whole new world opens up and their path may be forever changed.


This is a sweet YA read. The main characters are dealing with some mature issues when their car breaks down and they discover a village of Fairies. The lessons learned there will go on to enrich their lives. Quick read, a novella in what I hope is going to be the start of a series. – Jennie Reads


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Jennie Reads

H. Glogau Morgan – Midnight to Morning


Author Bio

An Academic Advisor for a major homeschool academy, Holly lives in the Piedmont Valley of Virginia with her husband and menagerie of rescued pets. In her spare time, she enjoys adaptive gardening and preserving the food she’s grown in an effort to live more sustainably. She mentors young adults, is an active member of a charity quilting group, promotes awareness of Ehlers-Danlos and Dysautonomia (she suffers from both,) and spends a lot of time chatting with various friends online. When she isn’t busy writing, she can be found roleplaying in an MMO or sewing. “Midnight to Morning” and its sequel “Sunrise to Shadows” are published, with the conclusion to the series expected in Spring of 2019.



The United States has been attacked, but not by another country. Nuclear bombs, as well as secondary ones, have decimated it. People are fleeing to refugee camps there and abroad.

In the shadows, a secretive U.N. sanctioned special task force is at work. They know who attacked. They know that deadly organization is only getting started with its plans to control most of the world. They know the enemy will not hesitate to poison the Earth in order to achieve their goals. But they too have a plan, and at its heart is a woman they’ve rescued from one of the squalid refugee camps…

Go with her as she reaches the midnight of her life. Witness her rescue and amazing recovery. Learn alongside her as she discovers the world is not how it appears to be.  Read as those who rescued her teach her how to save countless others. And see how one person can tip scales and change the future so it goes from midnight to morning.




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