An Interview with Esther Rabbit

esther-rabbit-author.jpgEsther Rabbit is the Author of New Adult Paranormal Romance, Lost in Amber, Digital Marketing Specialist and Content Creator for upcoming writers.

 If you too are an upcoming author or a veteran looking to improve your skills in the industry, you might consider checking out her website, and shoot her an email if you’d like to be interviewed.

 She speaks four languages fluently and as a self-proclaimed tech-geek, Esther likes to experiment with tools of the craft on her quest to help writers in their endeavors.

 Esther Rabbit | From Words To Spellbinding Novels 

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 Me – What made you take up writing?

Esther – I’m an accidental writer. I started writing a story and it turned into a novel. Never once have I planned it or anticipated it until I was halfway through and it dawned on me. I was more curious about the process itself, the research and “behind the scenes” work.

If I stop to think about my background, I regret not having started sooner because I’m literally always writing and I’ve always had a great relationship with the written word. I used to write poems in my youth, even landed on a radio show at nearly sixteen, so the spark has always been there, I guess.

Me – What inspires you when it comes to writing and in life in general?

Esther – Silence is the almighty word that does the trick for me. Detaching from your own work and just reading something else from the genre you’re writing in also helps. It relaxes the brain, so you return to your manuscript with a fresh pair of eyes.

Writing is easy, editing is what kills me because I feel like I’m never really done with a manuscript and I will self-edit to exhaustion before I hand it over to my editor.

Me – Is the genre you write in the one you want to be writing in? (for example, I would love to write fantasy novels, but feel much more confident when it comes to my ability to write mystery novels)

Esther – Precisely because I’m an accidental writer this question is hard to answer (at this point in my career). I think writing mystery novels is so clever and incredibly challenging.

I am currently working on the sequel of Lost in Amber, and there will be plenty of research going into my next book given that I’ll be exploring different atmospheres and a whole new spectrum of genetic engineering.

Writing stories in the genre you like to read is a good place to start, but the challenge of nailing a genre that’s not familiar to you is pure art.

So far, I feel Fantasy/Fiction/Sci-Fi are right up my alley and I’ll explore that as much as possible before moving on with anything else. I’m still acclimatizing to the writing industry, so it might take a decent while.

Me – What book or series do you wish you had written?

Esther – I wish I had the knowledge and the technology to explore space phenomena and write extensively about it. Astronomy is a hobby of mine. So are comic books, so it’s really hard to choose. Take your pick, anything super nerdy!

Also, to this day I’m a sucker for love stories of all kind, but with a little pizazz, a little magic, a little something in the mix.

Me – Would you rather write a book that is praised by critics but gets limited sales or a book that does well financially but only receives mediocre reviews?

Esther – Everyone has a preference when it comes to reading. What may be the best book in my eyes, could very well be your worst and this is something I respect.

You can’t possibly please everyone, but if your book sells well, that’s a great incentive for me. Very few people can live only on writing, so that in itself could be a goal.

Me – Something non-book to finish off, what is your favourite animal and why?

Esther – I don’t think there’s an animal I don’t like, but life gave me cats. I’d also love to have dogs, a racoon, possibly a duck and a few squirrels. Besides having the best cats in the world, I love them because they’re all so different and each fill a special place in my heart.

I guess I can’t get any soppier than that (what a fat lie, I could speak about my cats all day!)…



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