An interview with Anna Faversham

Getting to know Anna Faversham, author of a time travel romance and a historical trilogy.

July 2011.jpgWhen did you write your first book and how did it come about?

The first book I published, “Hide in Time”, was conceived at midnight on New Year’s Eve 2007/8. My husband is musical and was playing in St Paul’s Cathedral, London, for the Watch Night Service. The sermon contained the words “past and future” several times, and on the long drive home afterwards I turned those words over in my mind and the beginning of a plot formed. By the time we reached home, about 2 a.m. on New Year’s Day, the basis of the story was well under way: one girl, finding herself in the future, sends another to take her place in the past.

Do you always write in the same genre or do you mix it up?

“Hide in Time” is a time travel romance, the next book I published is part of a historical trilogy with lashings of romance scattered throughout. My collection of short stories is a mixture. The book I am currently working on is likely to fall into the speculative sci-fi genre. So I guess the short answer is that I mix them up.

Would you like to give us a short excerpt from one of your books?

This excerpt is taken from book 1 in my historical saga “One Dark Night”. One of the themes is the difficulty of making choices, especially if you don’t have all the necessary information. The heroine, Lucy, has arrived at the farmhouse where she works and finds someone who can make her blush just by being there.

To reach the porridge on the stove, Lucy had to pass Daniel and the dog, and neither moved. Rather than squeeze between him and the kitchen table, she walked around the other side, collecting a bowl as she went. Still Daniel did not make way for her. “I would be obliged, Mr Tynton, if you would move just enough for me to reach the pot.”

“Say that again and I’ll move.”

Lucy raised her eyes to meet his sparkling blue ones. He was jesting. “Why?”

“I like to hear you talk.”

“Why?”  She wondered if it was wise to hold her ground now that Daniel was no longer a boy.

“It’s good to see you’ve still a lot of fight in you, Lucy. I’ve been hearing a few tales.” He nodded his head in the direction of his mother in the scullery. “But I can hold out longer and I’ll not move until you say that again for me.”

“Why?” The word had come out quicker than she’d intended. Should she play these games with someone who held her livelihood in his hands?

Daniel took hold of her frozen hand. Lucy withdrew it and immediately regretted her instinctive reaction. His eyes had not left her since she’d walked through the door and her nerve was failing. “You don’t talk like the rest of us round here. I’ve missed your voice and, like me Ma says, you sound like you’re from the gentry.”

He meant it. Lucy could see that gentle look appearing in his eyes, the one she took to bed with her and to her sanctuary on the cliffs, the look which warmed her and fought to stay in her fading stock of cherished memories. Playfully, Lucy dropped him a curtsey and said, “Kind sir, I would be obliged if you would move just enough for me to reach the pot.”

Who is your favourite character and why?

I’m rather fond of Martha, who appears in all four books. She is an uneducated maid, who struggles to say what she means, so makes up words instead. Why do I like her? I suppose it’s because I’ve often not been able to get across to a listener what I really mean so I know how she feels.

Which of your books gave you the most pleasure to write?

Ooh, this is hard. “One Dark Night” I think.

How would you describe yourself?

I wouldn’t. I’d have to resort to some of Martha’s words.

What is the biggest factor for you when selecting a book to read?

Great plot and well-written. Interesting characters are important too. Dickens gets all three of these requirements right! I like crime thrillers and mysteries too and I suppose that is why there is always crime, mystery and tension in the books I write even though they are also categorized as romances.

Do you have your own website? but I’m guilty of not having looked at it for at least a year. I shall have to do something about it.

Do you have any events or book promotions coming up that you would like to tell us about?

Yes – All three books in the historical trilogy are 0.99 from 17th – 19th April, so you can buy a whole trilogy for 2.97! And the second book in the trilogy, “Under a Dark Star” was the winner in the Best Historical Fiction category of The Bards and Sages eFestival of Words 2018. And all my books are free in Kindle Unlimited.

Thank you, Alex, for this chance to chat with you.

“One Dark Night” on Amazon UK:

£0.99 for a limited time

“One Dark Night” on Amazon US:

$0.99 for a limited time



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