Introducing Simi Sunny


Today I will be introducing you all to a wonderfully talented lady of my acquaintance, Simi Sunny. She is here today as an author with a new book for you all to discover, but she is also an artist and a writer of scripts for YouTube videos.

Before I get to Simi’s book —, which has a fantastic and eye-catching cover, though, I have a brief interview, so you can get to know her a little better.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing for quite some time, probably when I was fifteen or sixteen. So I would say it’s been five or six years since I fell in love with writing. And fun fact, I used to hate writing because the teachers I had in middle school were so nitpicky, and they took the fun out of it.

What inspired you to become a writer?

What inspired me to become a writer was the pain I had dealt and my creative class that unlocked the power of writing. When I was in high school, I was dealing with anxiety and depression, and there was no way to express it whenever I open my mouth. There was no one to lean on because nobody could understand what I’ve been going through, considering the people that I used to know had their own lives to cherish and thrive while I was left in the dark. That is when I turned to creative writing classes, where I could unleash those emotions onto a piece of paper through either poetry or stories. And because of the experiences, I decided to write from the heart and share it with the world.

 What genre(s) do you write in?

I usually write Fantasy and Mystery since these are the only two elements that fit me. But sometimes, I like to explore other genres—-maybe try something new. I tried a couple of them; some are on my Goodreads blog, but others I haven’t managed to get them out online.

Is there any genre you would like to write in but haven’t yet?

I want to try horror. It’s not something I’ve tried, but I could always give it a shot. Maybe I can write something scary (if possible). I have ideas in my head, and I just wanted to get them out.

Would you rather be commercially successful or critically successful?

Good question. I think I want to be critically successful. To hear general and honest feedback from people means a lot to me. And because of such feedback makes me want to create more while keeping touch with people’s hearts through my creativity.

 If you could live in any book genre (historical, sci-fi, space opera, fantasy, paranormal, horror, etc) which would you pick and why?

I would live in a fantasy novel like Kingdom on Fire series by Jessica Cluess or Hunted by Meagan Spooner, because it’s something I dreamed of—-having to utilize magical powers or go on a magical quest like in Dragon Speaker series by Elana A. Mugdan. It’s just so awesome to experience and feel like an equal.

Who is your favorite author to read for relaxation?

I don’t think I actually have a favorite author, to be honest. I usually pick up a book whenever something interests me and then just read it. And whenever I read any book, it always relaxes me, so long it’s not too explicit or too exhausting when my heart paces so quickly.

What is your latest novel?

The latest novel that I just released is called The Weight of our Souls. It is the first book in the series, where the story revolves around a woman named Gwendolyn Hill who works at a funeral home while communicating with ghosts. Sometimes, though, she leads spirits to where they need to go through weighing them with a scale and a feather (based on the Egyptian mythology, except without using a heart, Gwen trap souls in a bottle and weigh them). It’s cute but deep because she helps souls to find closure while helping people in the process. Sometimes, Gwen needs to find clues with the help of her friends. So if you are looking for a story that contains ghosts or are familiar with The Ghost Whisperer TV series and/or Blackwell game series, then I think you will love this.

The Weight Of Our Souls Book Cover Revision.jpgEverything seems mundane to Gwendolyn Hill, considering her job and social status. Yep, nothing’s better than being a funeral director at the Hill Manor, while socializing with her grandmother, her pet cat, and—-wait for it—-her ghost friend. That’s right. Gwen can not only see ghosts, but she can also guide them to where they need to go. And to lead the spirits on the right path is to weigh them with a scale and a feather.


Meanwhile, a spirit is sending visions to Gwen, but she doesn’t know why. All she can figure out that it may be a threat, but to who?


For people who love The Ghost Whisperer TV series and/or Blackwell game series, The Weight of Our Souls tells a story of one woman who will help every soul, and she will know that she won’t always rely on just a scale and a feather.

If you like the sound of it, you can buy The Weight of our Souls on Amazon

 About Simi

35844463_1711865522232172_1256130406248349696_nBorn and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Simi is proud of her Indian heritage because of her parents. She’s even proud to be a bookworm. Whenever she’s not writing, Simi tends to either draw, watch anime, or write scripts for sister’s Youtube channel called KasumiVA.

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