A kitten to the rescue – Hush, Mouse!

Hush, Mouse!

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**Five Star Readers’ Favorite**

A tiny kitten named Mouse likes to meow. This would be fine, except Mouse meows so much that her people are always telling her to hush!

Little Liz is the only person in the house who understands Mouse. Little Liz’s real name is Elizabeth Mary, but she’s called Little Liz because she’s so short for her age. She has to stand on her tiptoes to reach things and needs help climbing onto laps. And it seems that everyone’s ears are too high above her voice to hear to what she has to say.

So Little Liz knows what it’s like not to be listened to. She and Mouse spend a lot of time together, and Mouse never has any problem understanding what Little Liz says.

One day, Mouse hears a strange sound coming from the kitchen. She meows about it, but only Little Liz pays any attention. Together, Liz and Mouse prevent a crime, and prove that even though they’re small, they’re worth being listened to!

Hush, Mouse! is illustrated by Alicia Young and is available on Amazon and through MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing. It is also available in dyslexic font.


“Hush, Mouse! is a heartwarming story about two diminutive best friends and the big part they play when danger comes calling. I loved Mouse’s and Liz’s parallel stories and have no doubt that kids who are small for their age will read this book feeling a little better about having to wait to grow into their own big parts.” -Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

You can buy the book on Amazon

About the author

Becky_Benishek_Author_2019Becky Benishek has a B.A. degree in English and loves to create stories that help children believe in themselves and also develop compassion and empathy for others. This goes for adults, too! She also writes adult science fiction and fantasy stories. In her day job, she manages online communities that help connect people to the people and resources they need. Becky is married with guinea pigs.


If you would like to find out more about the author you can check her out at the following links.


Amazon Author Page

MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing (Childrens Books)






Black Hare Press (science fiction & fantasy)



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