The Indie Authors Christmas Collection 2019

This is the first year of me doing this, so I hope everyone, readers and authors alike, will forgive me if it isn’t as polished as it could be, and there are a few mistakes. I freely admit to not being perfect.

To say thank you to everyone in the community of Indie Authors who has provided me with help and support over the past year, which has been a tough one, I have decided to showcase some of their books.

Links are available beneath each image should you be tempted (and I hope you will be) and don’t forget to check out the author pages for these lovely creators of both fiction and non-fiction to see their other works.

An extra special shout out goes to Carole P Roman, who goes above and beyond throughout the year to help the Indie community, and who has provided me with an enormous amount of support, encouragement, and inspiration, both personally and as an author.

She is gaining her just rewards by having a top 100 book on Amazon in the run up to Christmas, and here it is.

Carole's Joke Book
Carole’s Joke Book For Kids



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