Crime meets comedy, what could go wrong?

Now that it’s the new year (Happy New Year everyone) I feel it is time for me to put a bit more effort into my books, both writing and promoting.

With that in mind I am teaming up with Clint Forgy for some cross-promotion; I’m the crime, Clint’s the comedy. He’s also a good guy, a good writer, and an all around good egg (that’s the British in me coming out for those of you not familiar with such phrases).

Before I get on with telling you about our books, it makes sense for me to introduce the pair of us, starting with Clint, who writes humorous tales with the focus on believable characters who would make great friends for anyone who loves a laugh.

Clint Forgy was hatched at a very young age and raised in Iowa, walking 2.4 miles uphill both ways to school. I can prove it. I mean, he can prove it. As a stowaway aboard an Amish buggy, he escaped to Colorado before eventually landing in Missouri aboard the good ship Lollipop.

Forgy hates long walks on a short pier, rainy days, and coconut. He loves bourbon with an air chaser, women in stiletto heels, and the smell of a new grandchild’s scalp. And puppies.

After centuries of mundane employment as a canine hair shortener, future organ donor, lion tamer, computer wrangler, and tractor-trailer pilot, Forgy picked up his trusty laptop, set it down to refill his coffee mug, and picked it up again to begin writing. He’s always been like that.

As you can tell from his bio, Clint is humorous and doesn’t take himself very seriously. If you’d like to find out more about him, you can follow his Twitter

Now that I’ve told you a little about Clint, I guess I should tell you about myself.

After enduring school and a decade and a half of employment in a variety of jobs, Alex R Carver left the day jobs behind to become a carer for various family members. While this has been hard work, both physically and mentally, it has given him an opportunity to follow his dream and write.

Reflecting his interest in true crime, Alex mainly writes mysteries and thrillers, however he has taken a diversion into the world of science fiction, and is exploring young adult fiction with his current work in progress.

Released titles include 5 books in the Inspector Stone Mysteries, the thriller duology, The Oakhurst Murders, and the first book in the Cas Dragunov scifi/space opera series.

If you’d like to find out more about me, you can find me on the following sites TwitterFacebookInstagram

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