Image of book cover for The Curious Cousins and the Smugglers of Bligh Island.

I’m a little late in announcing this, about 6 weeks late in fact, but I have a new release out.

You could say this is a book that began its life more than 30 years ago as a creative writing project at school when I was just 10.

Inspired by Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five, The Curious Cousins and the Smugglers of Bligh Island is intended to be the opening book in a series featuring The Bligh cousins, Edward, Elizabeth, and Henrietta (that’s Henri!).

Nobody believes them.

For Edward and Elizabeth, a summer on Bligh Island with their cousin Henrietta (it’s Henri!) is like being sentenced to die of boredom. But adventure awaits! The island harbours family history and the hideout of a band of 18th century smugglers. It’s all great fun . . . until modern-day smugglers show up!

The kids take the case to the police, but the local officer won’t believe them. They’re on their own, and their lives are in danger. How can they stop the smugglers?

If this has got you interested, you can find the book at your favourite site by following the link here

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