An anthology in support of Breast Cancer Research

Do you like reading? Do you hate cancer? Well now there's an opportunity for you to enjoy the first, while helping to do something about the second, and if you're a fan of romance you're in for a treat. Kissing and other Scandalous Pastimes An anthology with a goal, and I don't just mean to... Continue Reading →

Coping with the aftermath of a minor stroke

When my mum had a stroke last year, one the doctors described as minor, though it didn’t appear minor to me as I watched my mum contort and suffer, I thought once the stroke was over and she had spent a bit of time recovering she would be back to normal. It didn’t take long... Continue Reading →

A bad day with anxiety

Originally posted on Medium 12th Feb Leaving the house is always a struggle for me, I have difficulty with social anxiety that makes it incredibly hard for me to deal with people, especially in groups, and noise, not to mention a few other things. Given a choice I will stay at home, out of the... Continue Reading →

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