Indie Advent Calendar Day 19

R. M. Gauthier The Mystery of Landon Miller Box Set     Blurb We all chose a path in life. What if you’ve chosen the wrong one? Everyone has secrets… …when Lexi unravels Landon’s there will be no turning back. One exclusive club. One troubled man. One explosive meeting that will change lives forever. When... Continue Reading →


Del Henderson – The Unicorn Hunter

Blurb After the tragic death of his daughter, Jack finds himself with more questions than answers. While reading his daughter’s diary about an imaginary unicorn called Summer, he begins to suspect that the unicorn may not be so imaginary after all. Questioning his own sanity, he soon finds himself on a desperate search to unravel... Continue Reading →

Indie Advent Calendar Day 10

Aliya DalRae – Sweet Vengeance   Author Bio Hello everyone! My name is Aliya DalRae and I’m the author of the award-winning Jessica Sweet Trilogy, along with a boatload of paranormal short stories taking place in the fictional town of Fallen Cross, Ohio. I write mostly paranormal romance/urban fantasy and I’m currently working on the... Continue Reading →

A captivating novel – The Unicorn Hunter

“Listen and be warned of a secret of past, these warnings of a hunter to the hunted do not pass. Creature baptized by night’s chrisom sheet, pray for your soul that eyes do not meet.” A father’s quest begins.  The Unicorn Hunter Del Henderson After the tragic death of his daughter, Jack finds himself with more... Continue Reading →

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