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Where There’s A Will

2016-852 eBook Alex R Carvel, A WillA kidnapped teen, held who knows where
3.5 million Euros are demanded in ransom, but is that all the kidnappers want?
Inspector Stone is tasked with finding the girl and bringing her home safely. Hard enough under normal circumstances, but between investigating an unrelated armed robbery, family problems and the machinations of an ambitious underling, it’s almost impossible. When it turns out that the Russian Mafia might be involved in the kidnapping, things begin to spiral out of Stone’s control.Unknown to either Stone or Alice’s parents, the kidnappers have more in mind than collecting a ransom. Stone needs to find Alice before the ransom can be paid and the kidnappers can make good on their threats. Or it won’t just be Alice that becomes a victim to their deadly plans…

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Revenge comes to Branton.2017-1281 Alex R Carver B02

Inspector Stone’s past catches up to him with blood and flames.

A series of murders rock the small town of Branton and leave Inspector Stone with his toughest case, one which may see him paying a tremendous personal price if he can’t solve it quick enough.

At first glance the murder of the wife and mother of an Asian shopkeeper appears racially motivated, and the local paper is quick to stir up tensions within the community. Another murder, this time the husband of a local barrister, an attack on a trio of teens, and the discovery of a previously unreported murder all lead Stone to the conclusion that something more than racism is at work.

Before he can work out what connects these seemingly unrelated events he is distracted by the most tragic of events. Can Stone and his partner pull themselves together long enough to figure out who is responsible for bringing terror to the streets of Branton, or will the killer complete his fiendish plan and make good his escape?

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A Perfect Pose

What connects the murder of a teen model and an assault on her photographer stepbrother?

Three months ago, Nathan Stone lost his family in a deadly blaze.

On enforced leave from the department, he sinks into a deep pit of despair, but the discovery of a teenage girl’s body on the riverbank draws him back to work and into a complicated case.

Ellen Powers was a popular teen internet model with many adoring fans, so who would want to kill her? The investigation soon turns up many secrets, including the fact that Ellen was pregnant, and planning an abortion.

Was the studio she worked for covering up a dark secret of exploitation? Or was this a crime of passion?

When the Ellen’s stepbrother is attacked soon after her body is discovered, Nathan is sure there’s a connection. The guy’s not talking, though; what is he so determined to keep secret, even if it puts his life at risk.

As the case deepens and they discover more about the murdered teen can Nathan Stone overcome his demons to find justice for an innocent young woman?

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Into The Fire

The past just won’t stay dead for Nathan Stone.

When the Larsson Studio and its owner suffer a series of attacks, Nathan Stone must not only figure out who is responsible, he must try to lay to rest the rumours that have led to them. Rumours that have been encouraged by the local paper.

Just as he is putting that case to bed a body is discovered in a burned out car in Branton Wood, a car that is connected to Kurt Walker, the man who murdered his family.

Nathan must decide whether he is the right man to investigate, and figure out how a man who has been dead for nine months can be connected to a body that is only days old. Is it a coincidence, or is there something more going on?

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