Inspector Stone’s toughest case

The problem with being a detective is that you make enemies, and those enemies want revenge. Inspector Stone is about to learn that lesson in the harshest possible way.

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An Eye For An Eye

Inspector Stone Mysteries #2


Fire Burning Inside The House

Revenge comes to Branton.

Inspector Stone’s past catches up to him with blood and flame.

A series of murders rock the small town of Branton and leave Inspector Stone with his toughest case, one which may see him paying a tremendous personal price if he can’t solve it quick enough.

At first glance the murder of the wife and mother of an Asian shopkeeper appears racially motivated, and the local paper is quick to stir up tensions within the community. Another murder, this time the husband of a local barrister, an attack on a trio of teens, and the discovery of a previously unreported murder all lead Stone to the conclusion that something more than racism is at work.

Before he can work out what connects these seemingly unrelated events he is distracted by the most tragic of events. Can Stone and his partner pull themselves together long enough to figure out who is responsible for bringing terror to the streets of Branton, or will the killer complete his fiendish plan and make good his escape?

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