The Bulwark Anthology – Interviews with the authors day 4 – DJ Cooper

On day 4 of Interviews with the Authors we have DJ Cooper, a very funny lady from the UK who makes me laugh and smile on a regular basis with her writing. Tell us about yourself? I’m DJ Cooper and I’m very tired! I live in South East England, I’m married and I have two... Continue Reading →

The Bulwark Anthology – Interviews with the authors

Over the next week or so I will be hosting a series of interviews with the authors who have taken part in The Bulwark Anthology, a series of books set in the town of Bulwork, created by Brit Lunden. I hope you enjoy what they have to say and like the sound of the books... Continue Reading →

Charming and informative – Little Miss History

Want to help your child learn about history? Then follow Little Miss History on her explorations. Little Miss HISTORY Travels to MOUNT RUSHMORE is her first stop. In her second journey she sails to The STATUE of LIBERTY. Little Miss HISTORY'S third adventure to SEQUOIA National Park finds her skydiving into the park to explore... Continue Reading →

Award-winning children’s author – Carole P Roman

Carole P. Roman is the award-winning author of over fifty children's books. Whether it's pirates, princesses, or discovering the world around us, her books have enchanted educators, parents, and her diverse audience of children. She hosts two blog radio programs and is one of the founders of a new magazine, Indie Author's Monthly. She's been... Continue Reading →

Swords, sorcery, and sarcasm – Heirs of Power

Heirs of Power is an epic YA fantasy full of swords, sorcery, and sarcasm. Ten very different people have inherited incredible abilities and magical weaponry from their parents. Along with the responsibility to save their world from invading spirits that feed on life energy. If you love ladies that kick ass, guys with superior snark,... Continue Reading →

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