A random thought for the paranormal lovers

Okay, so I'm sat here watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the umpteenth time and a random thought occurs to me - how do vampires speak? It has long been established in a variety of different media that vampires are the undead, and as such they lack the ability to breathe, amongst the many things... Continue Reading →

The final countdown

As those of you who follow me, either here or on Twitter, will know, I have been taking part in Navigating IndieWorld's Spring Book Festival, which started on Monday. Today is the final day, and that means it's your last chance to get your hands on the wonderful collection of free and 99c books that... Continue Reading →

The Spring Book Festival

Navigating Indieworld is pleased to present The Spring Book Festival Starting on 27th March and running for 3 days is The Spring Book Festival, a collaboration event between the authors of Navigating Indieworld, including award-winning and Forbes interviewed Carole P Roman and Huffington Post's t0p 50 of 2016 Michael Phillip Cash, who has recently been... Continue Reading →

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