Indie Advent Calendar Day 1

Indie Advent Calendar

It’s day 1 of the Indie Advent Calendar, organised by Kay Macleod for the 3rd year in a row (follow the link above to see the full event) and today sees two authors for you to discover.

I know they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but just look at those covers, if they’re anything to go by, the books are amazing.

Rhonda Smiley – Asper



16-year-old Milla loses everything in an instant—her family, her home, her life as she knows it—over a sacred scroll that can merge her realm of Asper with Earth.

Ignited by grief, she sets out for vengeance but quickly discovers she’s no match for the murderous queen who has usurped the power of sorcerers before her. A queen who will stop at nothing to rule both worlds.

Undeterred, Milla takes a forgotten portal to Earth so she can master her craft without being hunted, and return for the kill. While there, she bonds with 17-year-old Parker who believes in her and her unfathomable stories when no one else does.

But when a spell her father cast to bury her memories begins to wane, Milla glimpses into a past she doesn’t recognize. A past so unthinkable, it derails her future. Secrets and lies, love and hate, friends and foes—the lines are blurred and she’s left questioning everything.

What is right? Or wrong? Good? Or evil?

And more importantly, what is she?

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About the Author

Rhonda Smiley is a writer/producer living in Southern California with her co-conspirator James Hereth and their bossy dog Jojo.

She graduated from Concordia University in her native Montreal, Canada with a major in Film Production, and has written for many shows, including Ninja Turtles, Tarzan, Born Free, Kuu Kuu Harajuku, and Totally Spies!

When not working in television, she’s tackling her own projects like her first novel Asper (which garnered an Indie B.R.A.G. medallion) as well as her upcoming novel Monty and the Monster and graphic novel Blowback, both due out in 2019.

She is always happy to hear from you via Goodreads or her website.


Author Website

Graphic Novel Website



The First Christmas – JB Richards


What happened on that very first Christmas day? Was there a star that led wise men to a special Child destined to one day save the world? Were shepherds heralded by angels singing in the fields? Did the birth of the Christ even take place in December?

Join James bar Joseph as he relives the birth of his brother, Yeshua, and reveals that the true miracle of Christmas may not lie in myth and legend, but in the hopes and dreams of a family destined to change the world forever!

“The First Christmas” makes a wonderful gift, and is available now on PAPERBACK at Amazon & FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Visit JB Richards’ website







I review books and love to share anything new on my favourite authors as well as fandoms! I also review bookish merchandise and the companies overall, as well as book boxes.



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