A little something naughty from Sorcha Rowan

Today on my blog we have a brief story with a touch of something naughty from Sorcha Rowan, a romance author who likes to explore new ideas.

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A private person who’s happiest in the mountains, Sorcha enjoys telling stories about finding new love in strange and wonderful places.



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The Not So Little Mermaid

I knew it was a risky endeavor to try and sail across the Atlantic on my own, but I was a seasoned sailor and I’d be far from the first woman to do it. So I planned and saved and before I knew it, my day had come. I did have to wait for a couple of weeks for favorable winds. Once I set off in the Tiger Lily, it was smooth sailing for the most part. I didn’t run into trouble until I’d been out to sea for some two and a half weeks.

The storm didn’t come out of nowhere. I’d seen it in the weather reports for a couple of days. I tried to avoid it, but the time came and I did everything I could. The waves were tremendous and the wind and rain slashed at my boat. I spent time reading and praying a little. Finally, I decided to go out on deck once things had calmed a bit.

Something knocked me off of my feet and I fell into the water. At first I though it was a line or maybe the boom, but that was only because I didn’t have time to think. Keeping my head, I floated for a moment to get my bearing. I wasn’t wearing a lot under my raincoat and it was easy to get it off. The water was cold but I could swim fast.

When I saw the dark shape move through the water towards my boat, I felt the sailor’s number one enemy start to flood my brain. Fear. I bobbed to the top and that’s when fear became horror. The creature attacking my boat was like my nightmares from watching 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea made real. Long tentacle, thicker than the main mast reduced it to kindling.

I felt something tug at my leg and struggle as I might, I couldn’t kick loose. Icy terror grabbed my heart and squeezed. My rain slicker wound around my body, feeling like an additional tentacle. There was a survival blade in it, but I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to pull it free. Bubbles of my own making trailed up past my head and soon I had no option but to breathe. It hurt, but was quick enough.

I didn’t expect to awaken. Agnostic, I didn’t know what waited for me on the other side. The last thing I expected was a pair of damp, slightly briny lips pressing to mine or the weight of full breasts against my own. That all registered in the same moment that my need to cough up what had to be gallons of water did.

She turned me on my side so I could heave up lungfuls of the deep. Patting my back, she made crooning noises.

“Thank you.” I rasped. The moon was shining behind her, so I couldn’t make out her features. The air was warm, as was the sand.

She kissed me again, this time with the heat of passion and not of saving my life.

Grateful, and lacking full possession of my faculties, I kissed her back. I smelled something sweet and delicious, not unlike fresh flowers. I tasted a mouth little different than others I’d kissed before. No surprise that her tongue was salty, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Her skin was cool under my fingers, but soon we both warmed.

I felt her free my breasts from the swim top and her head moved down my chest to latch on to nipples still hardened from the water’s chill and my own arousal. Sharp teeth nipped but didn’t draw blood. I panted and moaned under the warmth of her mouth.

My hands fisted in her hair and I cried out to a god I didn’t really believe in, thanking him or her or them for the beauty that was feasting on me. For them saving my life. Warm blood flowed to my limbs and between my legs. I hadn’t slept with another person in years, but my last lover had been a woman. This woman who gave me the kiss of life was as eager and giving as she had been. Or more.

Strong hands pulled down my shorts and the swim bottoms beneath them.

“Yes. Oh god, yes.” I eagerly assented to this union. I didn’t want to think about what I’d seen or how near to death I’d been. Only her lips and fingers. I had a moment to register that her skin felt… Odd against mine before that talented tongue slithered against my heated labia. Her long nailed fingers teased my clit, tentative at first. Once I began whimpering, she seemed to understand just how much I enjoyed it.

I came again and again under the full, tropical moon. Her own cries were strange echoes of mine. Later I would have time to compare them to that of a parrot mimicking human speech. Later still I would be able to draw such cries from her.

Once I begged her to stop, she moved back up my body and held me. Once again, I noticed that her skin felt more like that of a snake or a fish before I was swallowed up by exhaustion.

I woke up the next morning to discover that a simple lean-to had been erected and leaves laid out as a carpet. I crawled into the shelter and drank fresh water which had been left for me in a shell. There were also coconuts and raw fish for me to eat. I spent the rest of that day recuperating and wondering where I was and who my rescuer was. Those answers would come in time, but for now I was thankful to be alive and provided for.

I felt strangely whole and at peace in spite of all that had happened the previous night. I walked the beach and wondered where she was. Only once dusk had started to fall did I see my oddly beautiful mermaid lover come walking on shore. Her pearlescent scales and beautiful, curling hair along with full breasts and a definite mammalian vulva all giving rise to questions about how such a being came to be. It flew in the face of anything I knew about evolution. She towered over me by at least a foot and her hands and feet were webbed slightly and tipped with pointed nails. None of this mattered though, for once she was close and I smelled flowers, my passion ignited and we consummated our strange relationship again and again.

Each time I felt stronger and better and saw her for the beauty she was.

More soon on my strange adventure and how I escaped that island, good reader. For now, know that this tale ended happily and that everything I’ve committed to paper is true and still fantastic, even to me.


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